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Shotgun Marine Flood Recovery 2021 Shotgun Marine

Shotgun Marine Flood Recovery 2021

Posted by Shotgun Shelly on 14th Mar 2022

A huge shout out to our loyal boating friends who have been impacted by the flood events happening now in Australia. We know all too well, having been hit last year in March. We are only just recovering from the deluge only to be bracing ourselves again as we speak. If anyone needs anything please let us know. We were very humbled by the outpour of help that came from family, friends, customers and Strangers! It has certainly been a tough couple of years with no boat shows, product and shipment delays and back orders, and dispatch horrors due to Covid. Nevertheless, we Aussies are resilient and have and will continue to fight our way back.

It's in these harder times that we all need to reach out. I wanted to reach out to everyone who has dealt with Terry and the team at Shotgun Marine over the years. So, if you have worked with us in the past, from simple repairs and maintenance on your vessel, online purchase, complete customised vessel fit out or just some free expert advice then we NEED to get it out there. It is so very rewarding to hear and share our satisfied customer's stories. Unfortunately word of mouth is not enough any longer. What we need is written reviews from our past and loyal customers. Website, Cloud and social media is the new way of technology. It is incorporated in our daily life just like the new technology of boat electronics. Google loves reviews and we need them. As does Ebay, Airbnb, amazon etc. Unfortunately, unlike these website tech giants, we don't have capacity for a marketing team, SEO website team, or IT staff.

…….But we still offer the best online and local service for fellow mariners in Australia. That is our difference. We are simply a small business with big service and dedication to our customers over the past 20 years. But reviews are very important to our business now so if you could spare a minute or two to jump online and leave us a review or simply give us 5 stars so our future customers are aware of the difference from us to them! We are not just an online store, we don't just sell the gear, we fit the gear, we use the gear...... So do us a favour, share the love and click on the link to leave us a review.

The boating industry has taken a hit but also remained in the forefront of everyone's minds now that travel has been restricted. It's time to use our boats and enjoy every moment life has to offer .

In these times we really need to stand by each other and Aussies are known for their comradery and loyalty in tough times. We live in the best country in the world with beautiful waterways we need to protect. These flood events will set us back but we can and will recover as we have in the years gone by.