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Simrad Transducers

Nab the catch with Simrad transducer, fishfinder, chartplotters easily offered offer for sale at Shotgun Marine! We are an authorised service agent in Australia providing our consumers a large variety of everything marine including Simrad fish finder, Airmar transducers for Simrad, GPS chartplotter, in addition to various other electronic devices for boats! Below, you can surf one of the most extensive collection of preferred fish finders, chartplotters, in stock at reasonable costs. We are recognized for providing one of the most effective Australian costs on everything marine electronics. If you are a novice fisherman you can rely on Simrad fishfinders as well as chartplotters to help you land the big ones. So what is a transducer? A transducer acts similarly to an antenna for our vessels sonar system. It transforms electrical power to a greater sound regularity noise using a transmitter. The audio travels in waves from a transducer as well as in using the water column and after that returns the signal, which it jumps off a target or object under the water. The returning sound resembling acoustic wave subsequently reaches the transducer; the transducer converts the ping, back into a readable frequency, which travels to the finder's receiver. Transducers operate the very same frequency with the sonar device, as well as identifying and transforming extremely delicate echo signals at various waterdepths.

Simrad is identified for its brand name and also track record, bringing out the very best latest gear in the marine sector. Besides Simrad fish finders, you can similarly select from a renewed option of useful MFD plans, chartplotters, Airmar transducer for Simrad, or additional products from the most conventional Brand names such as Garmin, Raymarine, Simrad, Lowrance. The skies is the limit. For the commercial fishermens that call for more specialist capacity out of their equipment, the Simrad GPS Depth transducers is most effective decision. On the other hand, you can select from our variety of reliable brand names such as Simrad, Raymarine Garmin Koden for the very best fish finder to transform your angling experience right into a fishing Craze! At Shotgun Marine, our company believes in quality, customer service and ease of use for the end user. To make this happen, we more than happy to assist and build a tailor made system particularly for your vessel and within your budget. We ship Australia wide. Enquire today.