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Looking for a Fishfinder Depthsounder - Shotgun Marine are leading Australian Authorised Dealer of Furuno Chartpotters, GPS or MFD combos.

Experts in Advice and the right price on Depth Sounders and Fishfinders.

Our qualified technicians have years of experience in boating, marine electronics and sales and service. A fishfinder or depthsounder is an instrument used to locate fish underwater by detecting reflected pulses of sound energy, as in sonar. A modern fishfinder displays measurements of reflected sound on a graphical display, allowing an operator to interpret information to locate schools of fish, underwater debris, and the bottom of body of water. Fishfinder instruments are used both by sport and commercial fishermen. Modern electronics allows a high degree of integration between the fishfinder system, marine radar, compass and GPS navigation systems.

A revolution in depth sounder developments has resulted in units that can produce an incredible amount of information for the serious angler. So what is the best modern day unit? Browse our website for specifications and features of all the big brand names in marine electronic technology.
How many pixels do you need? How big is your screen? What are the best range and sensitivity settings? Should you zoom in, zoom out or go for auto? Where is your transducer? How powerful is it? And, most importantly, where are the @#$% fish? So many questions, so many options. These days, if you want to catch fish, your best chance is by using a sounders, or ‘fishfinders’ as they are now more commonly called.

Fishfinders now double as your Chartplotter Depth Sounder and GPS.

The science behind these units is developing almost by the hour as they become more sensitive, accurate and incorporate more and more features. Which invariably results in more complexity. In addition, many manufacturers now offer multi-tasking so that your fish-finder can double as your chartplotter/GPS. For the novice boatie, knowing what to look for in a fish-finder is as important as knowing which rig to use and what sort of bait to buy. 

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