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Garmin GPS Chartplotters

Garmin Marine Australia have an excellent range of GPS Chartlpotters at the ready.  Although you most likely already know how to use a Garmin chartplotter. There are many intuitive features of the new products to market. Power up and simply and quickly follow the user friendly menus. All you need is right at your fingertips to promptly navigate your way around the units and direcly and easily plot your route and get on your way.  Setting the course to land those fish. or navigate to your destination.  And most Garmin echoMAP™ and GPSMAP® chartplotters can come with combo with built-in sonar capabilities. These include advanced HD-ID™ sonar, CHIRP sonar and Garmin ClearVü™ and SideVü™ scanning sonar.  These Garmin GPS Chartplotters enable the easy viewing with maximum clarity for the clearest scanning sonar images.  Shotgun Marine are Garmin Authorised service agents for all GPS Chartplotter Fishfinders offering exceptional package deals.  

In additon, Garmin offers an extensive line of sonar products for fishermen of all levels and skillsets or needs commercial or recreational. CHIRP sonar has many benefits. Whether you’re enjoy saltwater fishing or you hunt for the bigger pelagic fish, or you fish inland on the lake the lake searching for the elusive giant bass, walleye and crappie. No matter what it makes no difference if you’re a pro or a novice – Garmin CHIRP sonar technology is a must in all aspects of the fishing scene.

Traditional CHIRP Sonar

Before the initiative or CHIRP sonar, modern sonar operated at a single frequency and transducers could operate at dual frequencies, commonly 77/200 kHz. Since the only feedback is from one single frequency, it limited the clarity and resolution available.

Now and importantly, instead of sending a single frequency, CHIRP sonar sweeps a constant range of frequencies, from low to high, in a single communication. The returns from each frequency in that transmission are then read and drawn on the ultra high vis screen. CHIRP sonar is capable to create a clear, high-resolution image.  The angler will get a much greater target separation and additional distinct arches than you would with standard 77/200 kHz sonar.

For saltwater anglers fishing depths up to 10,000 feet, for example, add the GSD 26 PRO Chirp Sonar Module is well-suited Garmin charplotters, plus the striking and uniquie and powerful GPS Map 8600 series. The GSD 26 will give you superior CHIRP sonar yields and target separation at the maximum depth, and will enable the angler to detect far more fish than ever before.

ClearVü CHIRP Sonar

Garmin ClearVü scanning sonar provides you a virtually precise photo wide image underneath the vessel. The use of ClearVü, you clearly see distinct structure, underwater objects and of course fish schools.

SideVü CHIRP Sonar

SideVü shows you what is happening to the sides of the vessel boat, and it’s an brilliant way to discover all underwater structures and fish. SideVü offers an even more comprehensive and advanced resolution image of what is beneath the surface of the water. Garmin CHIRP technology, Garmin is creating unsurpassed products that interpret CHIRP sonar data.


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