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Raymarine Depth Sounder Fishfinders

Raymarine Depthsounder Fishfinder Systems

In order to have a complete fishfinder / sonar system you will need:

 Raymarine Multifunction Display -Some MFD’s displays may need a isolated DSM and GPS Antenna while others have these inbuilt into the unit. Select from a big range of high-performing MFD's by Raymarine in Australia.  Raymarine Fishfinder Sonar Module  -A commanding sonar system can be achieved by combining a sonar module to a Multifunction Display via SeaTalkh via networking. With the use of a sonar module with CHIRP technology superior detail can experienced with Raymarine technology.  GPS Antenna / Sensor Your MFD could have GPS technology, but if not you can easily add a Raymarine RayStar130 to your marine navigation network. For further features such as to drop a waypoint you will require a GPS.  Transducer Lastly, a transducer is needed for the Fishfinder system. The type of transducer you need will depend entirely on your multifunction display along with your specific type of vessel (specifically the Hull) as well as the performance you require for your ventures. A huge range of sounders and fishfinders for sale today. Those include the new Axiom +, Axiom pro, Axiom, eS Series, gS Series, Lighthouse 3 software.