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Coursemaster Autopilots

Autopilot by Coursemaster

Whether is simply a cruise, visiting your favourite fishing anchorage, or sharp sailing adventure, utilise the Coursemaster autopilot. Coursemaster Autopilots on trend with all things navigation giving you the hands you need on deck at the helm so you get more time to play.

Not only for commercial use but perfect for casual leisure, an Aussie made Coursemaster autopilot gives a complete range of autopilots to suit your needs. Anything from small leisure craft with hydraulic steering, yachts both for cruising and the avid competitor, powerboats, work and game fishing vessels..

Owning a Coursemaster marine autopilot allows the flexibility of another dependable hand on the helm station and sure peace of mind. Made and sold and developed in Australia by Coursemaster Autopilots offers you ease of use in the installation and set up process along with seamless operation. The marine autopilot is always in the background monitoring the exactness of the course charted and keeping a constant hold of the mechanics of the rudder system keeping you on course.