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Raymarine Autopilots

rRaymarine Autopilot Systems | Shotgun Marine| Ships Australia WideRaymarine Autopilots -  Fishing, racing or simple cruise? The Raymarine range of Autopilot Systems will take you anywhere 

The optimal Raymarines' autopilot proficiency, FLIR Systems’ R&D, and progressive aerospace guidance/direction technology, Evolution Ai™ control algorithms distribute a fresh level of precise autopilot control. The control head, a course computer / processor, a drive mechanism are the three typical components that the Raymarine Autopilot systems consist of 

EVOLUTION AUTOPILOT  EVOLUTION AI™ – AUTOPILOT INTELLIGENCE The Evolution autopilot structures observe their environment and can calculate and evolve steering commands to maximize performance in an instant. Split seconds. The result is exact and assured course keeping. This is without consideration of vessel speed or sea conditions - Evolution autopilots steer so precisely economically saving fuel consumption with you arriving on time or even earlier than expected. Raymarine has a wide scope of drive units available to work in with virtually any type of steering systems - our Evolution Autopilots house hydraulic, mechanical and power assisted stern drive systems. The Drive unit is the component that interfaces with your boats steering system keeping you on the right track moving forward. 

CONTROL HEADS Finally, complete your Evolution autopilot system with Raymarine autopilot control head. The new p70s and p70Rs have super bright colours images and are run with Raymarine’s intuitive LightHouse interface. LightHouse arranges these options into straightforward user friendly menu structure. With Evolution’s Automagic three step setup procedure you will be on the go in no time. 

SMART CONTROLLERS - Take full, control of your Raymarine SeaTalk autopilot with one of Raymarine's wireless controls. Onboard, wireles control. Cockpit Autopilots - EV-100 Autopilots are installed in the cockpit of tiller and wheel steered yachts and smaller power boats.An EV-100 system consists of an EV-1 Sensor, ACU-100 Autopilot Control Unit, Drive Unit and Control Head. 

EV-100 Sail - Cockpit Autopilot  The EV-100 wheel pilot comprises a fully enclosed wheel-drive for simple installation and superb autopilot performance.  Vessel Type: Sail Max Displacement: 7,500kg Drive Type: Wheel Drive -  

EV-100 Tiller - Cockpit Autopilot  The Raymarine EV-100 Tiller Pilots are perfect for large tiller steered yachts up to 6,000kg (13,200 lbs) displacement.  Vessel Type: Sail Max Displacement: 6,000kg Drive Type: Tiller Drive 

EV-100 Power  Cockpit Autopilot  Perfect for vessels with single outboard engines and hydraulic steering, install the entire system above or below decks as required.  Vessel Type: Power Max Displacement: N/A Drive Type: 0.5L Hydraulic Pump   

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