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B&G Transducers

B&G Transducers

Get the big catch with B&G fishfinders, transducers and chartplotters readily available for sale at Shotgun Marine! We are an authorised agent in Australia supplying our consumers a vast variety of marine equipment including B&G fishfinders, Airmar transducers for B&G, GPS chartplotters, as well as various other electronic devices for watercrafts. Here, you can browse the most extensive collection of popular fishfinders and chartplotters in stock at realistic prices. We are recognized for providing the most competitive Australian prices on our website. If you are a novice fisherman you can rely on B&G fishfinders as well as chartplotters to help you land the big ones.

So what is a transducer? A transducer acts similarly to an aerial for our vessels sonar system. It converts electrical energy to a higher sound frequency sound via a transmitter. The sound travels in waves from a transducer and in via the water column and then returns the signal, which it bounces off a target or object under the water. The returning echo sound wave in turn reaches the transducer; the transducer converts the ping, back into a readable frequency, which travels to the sonar's receiver. Transducers operate on the same frequency with the sonar unit, and can identify and convert very sensitive echo signals at many different waterdepths.

B&G is recognized for its brand name and reputation, bringing out the best newest gear in the marine industry. Apart from fishfinders, B&G offer functional Multi Function Display (MFD) packages, chartplotters, Airmar transducers for B&G, or additional products from the most traditional Brands such as Garmin, Raymarine, Simrad, Furuno or Lowrance. The sky is the limit. For the commercial anglers that require more expert capability out of their gear, the B&G GPS Depth transducers is one of the most sought after. On the other hand, you can choose from our range of reputable brands such as Simrad, Raymarine Garmin Koden for the best fishfinder to transform your angling experience into a fishing Frenzy! At Shotgun Marine, we believe in quality, customer loyalty, and ease of use.

We are happy to talk you through any questions you may have, and make any packages specifically for your vessel and budget.

For product price and info contact us for B&G package deals.  We offer loyalty discounts to approved customers.