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Posted by Shotgun Shelly on 6th Jun 2024

Shotgun Marine Authorised Raymarine Dealer AustrailaRaymarine Authorised Dealer Shotgun MarineDiscover the newest sailing capabilities of;Raymarine's LightHouse 4.6 operating system.


Get ready to set sail!

The newest installment of LightHouse, version 4.6, is now available for Axiom-series chartplotters, boasting a multitude of cutting-edge sailing tools. This innovative release is designed to elevate your sailing skills, so dive in to learn more about its exciting capabilities.

Update to the Newest LightHouse Operating System 

Raymarine Axiom Charts Lighthouse 4.6

BOOST YOUR SAILING EXPERIENCE The latest LightHouse 4.6 version introduces a range of innovative tools and enhancements specifically designed for sail racing and cruising vessels. This update, compatible with Axiom, also brings exciting new features that seamlessly integrate with Alpha Performance Displays and Evolution autopilot systems.

Download The Latest Lighthouse 4.6 Here

Introducing the Steer-to-Polar Autopilot Mode! The connection between Axiom, Evolution, and your vessel has been enhanced with the latest LightHouse 4.6 update. A new feature on Axiom-series displays now allows your boat to be directed to a specific Target Wind Angle based on its polars. This functionality builds upon the existing wind vane steering mode from the previous, providing sailors with greater versatility for efficient cruising while under autopilot guidance. Sailors can now select from Steer to Apparent Wind Angle (AWA) and Steer to True Wind Angle (TWA) modes, in addition to the traditional heading and navigation options.

Introducing the latest V2 software for Alpha Performance Displays, now available with the LightHouse 4.6 update. Explore the innovative Next Leg Navigation page, tailor-made for enhancing performance while sailing. This feature displays essential information such as the countdown to your next waypoint, mark rounding details, recommended course adjustments, and the true wind angle for the upcoming leg. Additionally, users can enjoy a wider range of data box options, new widgets, and the added convenience of an IP camera viewer.

If it has been some time since you last upgraded your Axiom device, you should consider updating to LightHouse 4.6 to access a range of new features designed specifically for sailors. By updating, you will gain access to all the latest enhancements and additions we have made. Some recent additions

Raymarine Lighthouse Charts Update - Contact us for Price and Product info.

Utilize the Polar Manager feature in Axiom to input your personalized polar diagram data. By incorporating custom polars, Axiom can optimize your yacht's performance capabilities. You have the option to adjust and refine the polars directly on the Axiom display to better suit your vessel's hull

Personalized Sailing Guidance Upload your boat's custom sail configuration, and Axiom will provide instant suggestions on when to hoist, shorten, or switch sails, catering to both upwind and downwind navigation.

Raymarine has created a unique method for calibrating the speed transducer automatically, which helps to remove errors related to tacking, boat heel, and linearity. This calibration process not only improves the accuracy of your wind system's True Wind Angle and Speed data but is also compatible with the DST810 Smart transducer.

Axiom has introduced wind shift indicators that can be personalized to show changing wind patterns through visual bar and numerical displays. These indicators come with adjustable averaging time and instant reset features to keep you informed about the wind conditions at all times.


Enhancements to the display of important sailing readings such as tack and opposite tack, next leg true wind angle, and maximum all-time SOG. Convenient sidebar remote control for the updated Alpha Performance Displays. Revised marine forecast area for SiriusXM marine weather (only available in North America). Enhanced graphics and smoother NMEA2000 engine dials and displays. Quicker processing of panoramic photos with Navionics Platinum+ charts. Enhancements to the "Find Nearest" search function for points of interest and services in the Chart app. New controls for adjusting damping of depth, speed, wind, and compass heading data.

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