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Garmin Force Kraken - For Sale in Australia Shotgun Marine

Garmin Force Kraken - For Sale in Australia

Posted by Shotgun Shelly on 20th Feb 2024

Update on Garmin Force Kraken. 

The feedback is excellent from our customers - Results are great.  What they liked....

  • Advanced anchor lock technology for precise positioning. The Kraken is designed with extended shaft lengths and a pivot-style mount for convenient installation on boats with limited bow space.
  • The brushless motor of Kraken is equipped with a high-efficiency propeller that generates 100 pounds of thrust when operated on a 36-volt system, and 80 pounds on a 24-volt system. This motor enables anglers to swiftly navigate between mangroves or reefs, easily adjust speed for fishing purposes, and handle challenging open-water conditions caused by winds and currents. Despite its powerful performance, Kraken is remarkably efficient, allowing anglers to fish throughout the day. Moreover, it operates quietly both above and below the water surface, reducing the chances of startling fish.
  • Leveraging multi-frequency GPS reception and an integrated AHRS, Kraken offers Garmin's most accurate boat positioning technology, ensuring the vessel remains stationary. In calm conditions, the system can slow down the motor when it's within a meter of the desired location, while in rough conditions, it can increase motor speed for better performance on larger boats.
  • Seamless wireless connectivity with Garmin chartplotters enables fishermen to generate routes, patterns, and tracks for their trolling motor to follow while fishing, and a novel illuminated arrow on the trolling motor head provides a quick and easy way to verify the boat's heading.
  • Fishermen have the option of utilizing the wireless remote that comes with the Kraken trolling motor to assist with steering from any location on the boat. This remote provides anglers with the ability to control various functions of the trolling motor, such as virtual anchor lock, autopilot, heading hold, and gesture steering. Additionally, the remote is designed to float for added convenience. Furthermore, a Garmin smartwatch, such as the quatix 7 series, can be paired with the Kraken to manage steering, anchor lock, and other features directly from the wrist.
  • Certain Kraken models come equipped with a GT56UHD all-in-one transducer, which combines Ultra High-Definition ClearVü and SideVü scanning sonar with CHIRP traditional sonar. This provides crystal-clear images of structures and fish both below and to the sides of the boat. Furthermore, the Kraken's brushless motor technology ensures that sonar returns are clear and free from unwanted noise caused by electrical and mechanical interference, regardless of the sonar setup.
  • Anglers can now enjoy the convenience of installing forward-facing sonar, such as LiveScope, on a pivot-style trolling motor without any hassle. This is made possible by Kraken's innovative LiveScope cable management system, which allows the transducer cable to be routed inside the trolling motor shaft. The Kraken LiveScope Mounting Bracket (sold separately) enables the installation and operation of any LiveScope transducer in all three modes, including forward, down, and perspective. This setup not only protects the LiveScope cable from damage during stow or deploy but also keeps the trolling motor and deck space tidy and clutter-free.
  • With a legacy of innovation and expertise in the marine industry, Kraken is designed to excel in harsh aquatic environments. Its propeller is crafted with a streamlined leading edge to minimize resistance and optimize thrust, while the trailing edge is shaped to reduce water aeration that can cause cavitation and disrupt thrust. Built to withstand extreme fishing conditions, the durable composite shaft and surrounding components are protected against corrosion and saltwater damage. Kraken is backed by a 3-year limited warranty and a lifetime limited warranty on the shaft, along with a growing network of authorized service dealers for support.

The Garmin Force Kraken trolling motor will be showcased for the first time in Australia at the Sydney International Boat Show, taking place at the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, from August 3rd to 6th, 2023. Following its debut, the motor is expected to become available for purchase in October, with options for a white or black finish. The white model will be offered in 63-, 75- and 90-inch shaft lengths, while the black version will be available in 63- and 75-inch lengths. All black models will come equipped with a GT56UHD transducer.