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Garmin Kraken 90" Performance Review Shotgun Marine

Garmin Kraken 90" Performance Review

Posted by Shotgun Shelly with thanks to Harry Curley @harrycurley9300 Youtube on 12th Dec 2023

Garmin Kraken Performance Review - Garmin Authorised Dealer

Garmin Kraken Review - The big one - Check out the video courtesy Harry Curley in Queensland - Australian Waters.

Out and about in sunny (well somewhat Sunny !) Queensland. We are doing a Garmin Force trolling motor setup with the 90in White Kraken - so the big beast.

We've got on a a 9 Mt hour cat so this thing is 3.7 ton boat she has a mighty weapon we've done the setup and the commissioning. This thing I can tell you now this is impressive we got we're sitting on a bit of spot lock here and we're sitting next to probably about 1 and 1/2 to 2 knots of current next to a boy and um I have not moved that inside or outside of uh 3 foot between this Waypoint that I've set.; I'll give you a quick look on what we see.

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We have this 3.7 Tonne 9 M powercat - lets see how it will go. Hard lock. - so as you can see we're in about 3 and 2 km per hour current so we're just going past this bad boy and you can see the amount of current that's there we're doing bit over 2 and 1/2 flat chat, and just for reference on how quick we're actually going! Check the video ! Bloody impressive this thing.

All right, so another cool feature with the Kraken is the ability to pull up to a spot about 100 m short of your Waypoint -so if you're coming up to a spot and you haven't got your gear ready yet, what you can do is Cruise in and let's say this mark here - that's our end destination - we can go there- Go to - it's going to ask if you want to engage the Kraken. okay yes making sure that we turn the prop on and we adjust the power to how quick we want to get there we'll then take off and put us on the route to that destination and I will cut to you when it gets close to the destination and jumps on spot lock when it gets there. Once we are at the destination - it's going to put the electric motor on spot lock we can go okay -  the Electric's slowly going to cruise up to the spot,  and we are within 2m of our destination. It's going to slowly get closer and closer. The cool thing about that is you don't even have to be anywhere near the screen or the electric motor and the boys can be fishing on the back deck.

Another cool feature with the crack and trolling motors and even the force trolling motors is the ability to set a route and follow too. So if we were to follow along this route here and we wanted to track this sand Bank. Along here let's say we're trolling flathead -  we could set we go route two we can create or rout own route from here so we can set our turns as we please along this bank so if we know the the track that we're going to follow we can just constantly add turns add turn we  - go done - we engage the auto pilotor the electric motor and now it will then follow route so we would then power the electric up and give it some power now it is going to follow that route.

Overall A 5 Star rating ! Very good unit. Available on Sale at Shotgun Marine - Leading Authorised Garmin Dealer