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Koden CVS702D Shotgun Marine

Koden CVS702D

Posted by Shotgun Shelly on 4th Dec 2023


12.1-inch Koden CVS702D Commercial Fish Finder SUPER DEAL FOR CHRISTMAS 2023 HUGE 30% off RRP

Koden's cutting-edge CVS702D digital fishfinder sounder boasts a large 12.1-inch color LCD screen, offering anglers a choice between single or dual frequency echo sounding capabilities. Its versatility is further enhanced by a range of power outputs and frequencies, customizable to suit the compatible transducer.

3 kilowatts at 28, 40, 50, and 75 kHz (1 kilowatt at 200 kHz) 5 kilowatts at 28, 50, and 75 kHz (1 kilowatt at 200 kHz)

Enjoy a crisp and vibrant 12.1-inch color LCD display, offering a selection of screen views to suit your needs. Choose from three powerful output options: 1kW, 3kW, or 5kW. Experience dual frequency technology, providing a broad range of frequencies for optimal performance. The exclusive Sona-Tone™ feature helps identify what's beneath your boat, distinguishing between fish and schools of fish with unique sound patterns. Store images for later reference, and benefit from an intuitive interface that's easy to use.

Product and Pricing Info - Send us a message for a Super Deal

The CVS702D Commercial Fishfinder Sounder from Koden utilizes Koden Digital Filtering (KDF™) to provide exceptional performance in deep water. With its high resolution, low noise, and bright clear screen, this digital echo sounder offers improved detection capabilities even in shallow water. By using a high frequency transducer, it is now possible to detect fish near the bottom at depths that were previously unreachable.

The Auto Function mode of the CVS-702D is intended to simplify the user experience. By automatically choosing the best Gain, Range, and Shift settings, it eliminates the need for manual adjustments. This feature allows even inexperienced users to obtain high-quality results by relying on the device's ability to optimize settings such as Range, Shift, TVG, and Transducer power.

Thanks to advanced digital technology, echo sounders can now show an estimate of the size of fish targets on the screen, giving anglers a better idea of what they're looking for beneath the waves.

"Get a clear view of the area where your low and high frequency sound beams overlap, giving you a precise idea of the bottom area covered. This information helps you pinpoint fish located directly beneath your boat or off to the side, making it easier to target them effectively."

With the help of a connected GPS, Fishing Hot Spot takes you back to your go-to fishing locations or any other saved spots in its memory, making it easier to revisit the places where the fish are biting.

For professional boats, the NEW CVS-702D series is the most fitting echo sounder.

The High Power Digital Echo Sounder series consists of the CVS702D, CVS705D, and CVS707D models. These models offer a choice of a 12.1-inch, 15-inch, or 17-inch color LCD display for the Echo Sounder.

Our product is offered in three different sizes: * CVS702D: 12.1" colour LCD digital sounder * CVS705D: 15" colour LCD digital sounder * CVS707D: 17" colour LCD digital sounder