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New Birdy Arrives - Help us find Lorrys owner. Shotgun Marine

New Birdy Arrives - Help us find Lorrys owner.

Posted by Shotgun Shelly on 12th Apr 2021

Well! From Floods to Fame ..... Its a Good News Story finally..... Back on the job, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and whist Terry working on the back of a yacht today, a  random Lorrikeet flew straight to him and landed on his shoulder.  Hopefully he was not a victim of the floods but we wouldnt be surprised given the loss our town has felt this past few weeks.

Shotgun Marine now has the beautiful "Lorrykurt" safe and sound - he was very hungry and thirsty and is very tame. We could tell he has been very well loved and will be missing in someones life at the moment.

As much as we would love to keep our new little mascot we feel its only right to put in out there in the hope we find his rightful owners.   We will require identification or photos to confirm his ownership as Kurt has fallen in love with him already. If anyone has lost their bird in the last week or so please contact us so we can return him to you.  But in the meantime rest assured we are happy to be his foster parents and will look after him with care.  He has his food and bed ready for a sleepover tonight with the Shotgun family.  Help us find his home.  (Secretly we hope he can stay with us but we know that he may be missing his mumma) 

Please share so there is a happy ending after the devistating floods.