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Garmin GMR Fantom 18x Radar - Review this Series - Exceeds Expectiations Shotgun Marine

Garmin GMR Fantom 18x Radar - Review this Series - Exceeds Expectiations

Posted by Shotgun Shelly on 28th Nov 2023

Garmin GMR Fantom 24x - Strikingly Effective Radar - Review the Garmin Video

These incredibly powerful 18 ″ and 24 ″ dome radars have appeal and minds with a black colour choice and 50 watts of result power. Fantom by GMR offers durable performance, providing a full 50 watts of power. Ensure clarity of vision for targets and customize their dimensions suitably. With power save setting, you get to select when to use full power and when to pull back. Make every moment of electrical power intake matter. Lower it even better by choosing your details active durations to the precise second. MotionScope ™ technology highlights relocating targets in shade, giving a clear graph of their motion towards or far from your setting. See what's coming.

HIGH-RES RADAR These 50-watt solid-state dome radars have an array from 20' to 48 nautical miles, also in fog or rainfall. Plus, they deliver up to 60 RPM turning speed for a refresh rate that can find activity at any type of speed. This time around around, we also have a white and black option so you can tailor to your watercraft. The use of high-resolution radar makes it possible for the identification of distant targets, thanks to its top quality photos and solid antenna reception. Additionally, the addition of 8-bit true color imagery improves the capacity to distinguish between various targets. 

MOTIONSCOPE TECHNOLOGY MotionScope uses the Doppler effect to discover relocating targets and highlight them in various colours, so you can browse around other boats or extreme weather condition-- or towards angling areas where birds feed at the surface. 

POWERSAVE SETTING The power conserve function allows you pick when you need even more power or much less, so you have power when you need it and preserve it when you do not. 

TIMED TRANSMIT MODE With timed transfer mode, you can also define energetic and inactive times to the 2nd to help reduce power usage, so you can stay on the water longer than ever before. 

SIMPLE USAGE Installation and usage of these radars are straightforward, as they do not need dealing with complicated user setups. See incredible information on the water. 

TARGET DIMENSION Change on-screen target resolution for far better separation based upon your surroundings. 

AUTOMATIC BIRD GAIN Locate groups of birds at the water's surface area where baitfish are additionally most likely to be found. 

ECHO TRAILS See a historical ″ path ″ on the display to help you quickly and easily recognize moving targets and possible accident risks. 

DUAL RANGE  The single radar antenna can offer split-screen photos on your chartplotter side by side, with independent range setting and controls for both close and long variety. Utilizing dual radar uses back-up and allows each display system on the vessel to get details from either of the two distinctive radar resources.

DYNAMIC AUTO GAIN This attribute instantly adjusts to your environments for ideal efficiency in all problems. 

DYNAMIC SEA FILTER Gain automatically adjusts sea clutter for calmness, tool and harsh sea problems. 

CHARTPLOTTER IMPROVEMENT Enhance your chartplotter's map web page by overlaying radar images. For optimal performance, take into consideration including an autopilot or heading sensing unit, readily available independently. 

UNATTENDED TARGET DETECTION The cutting-edge mini-automatic radar outlining aid (MARPA) now uses automated acquisition abilities, enabling the system to autonomously identify and track up to 30 targets without any customer intervention. This advanced attribute applies to all radar returns, boundary areas, guard zones, and MotionScope innovation. GUARD AREA Establish the safety zone and obtain an alarm system when an item gets in the area. VRM and EBL offer quick measurements of range and bearing to ships and land.

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