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Intellian Satellite TV Antenna

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Product Description

SatFlower i4 is the perfect combination with a small reflector and commercial-grade performance for boats requiring Satellite TV.

The Intellian SatFlower i4 brings you outstanding performance with its High-Definition (HD)-ready system for you to connect the premium satellite TV entertainment of your choice.

Featuring a stylish and high-tech vacuum forming dome, SatFlower i4 with its advanced Wide Range Searching (WRS) algorithms and Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) technology offers you superior reception even in extreme weather condition and the wider range than any other 45cm marine satellite TV antenna in the market.

SatFlower i4 with its built-in NMEA0813 GPS interface allows you to plug-in any external GPS to assist the system to lock on to satellites quickly.
Furthermore, SatFlower i4 standard dual/Quad LNBs supports for multiple receivers.
You can also rely on the quality of SatFlower i4 qualified the most rigorous ISO 9001:2000 quality and performance evaluation.


  •  Fully Automated System 
  • Automatic Satellite Search and Identification Function.
  • 2-axis Step Motor for Manipulating the Pedestal.
  • Enhanced Antenna
  • 45 Cm Diameter of Parabola Type Antenna for Receiving Ku-Band(10.7 ~ 12.75GHz) Satellite Signal.
  • LHCP/RHCP or Horizontal/Vertical Polarization.
  • Enabling powerful signal gain.
  • Superior Dynamic Tracking
  • Dynamic Beam Tilting(DBT) by rotating sub-reflector.
  • Offering a quieter, smoother tracking operation than competing antenna systems.
  • Fastest Search Algorithm
  • Wide Range Search(WRS) Algorithm.
  • Statistical Search Algorithm.
  • DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) Signal Identification
  • High Speed Identification employing a DVB Decoder.
  • QPSK Demodulator Lock for DSS Signal. New Antenna Control Unit
  • Easy satellite information change and update.
  • Easy antenna status check and automatic diagnosis.
  • Reliable power supply to the antenna.
  • Easy antenna control using PC interface.



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