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Raymarine Autopilots

Raymarine Autopilots and Pumps Part Lists Evolution Autopilots, Cockpit Autopilots.

Autopilots consist of three main components:  a drive mechanism, a course computer/processor, and a control head. 

Choose by type of AutoPilot


Cockpit Autopilots

EV-100 autopilots are installed in the cockpit of tiller and wheel steered yachts and smaller power boats.

Inboard / Outboard Autopilots

EV-200 SailEV-200: Hydraulic | Linear | Sail |PowerEV-300 SolenoidEV300-SolenoidEV-200 SailEV-400: Sail | Power
The Evolution inboard range consists of autopilot packs designed to suit specific vessel types, steering systems and vessel displacements.

Accessories for Autopilots