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Our Raymarine Autopilot Systems

Our Raymarine Autopilot Systems

Posted by Shotgun Shelly on 4th Oct 2019

These will certainly take command. Race, Cruise or Fish - Find our range of Marine Autopilots from Shotgun Marine.

The end result of Raymarines' auto-pilot experience, FLIR Systems' R&D, as well as progressed aerospace advice innovation, Evolution Ai ™ control formulas deliver a brand-new level of exact autopilot control.

Common Autopilot systems include three primary parts: a program computer system/ processor, a drive system, and also a control head.

Product and Price

Raymarine Evolution Autopilot EV-200 Power with p70R control head & ACU-200



Our Development autopilot systems view their environment and also instantaneously calculate and also develop steering commands to make the most of efficiency. The result is specific and also confident training course keeping, despite vessel rate or sea problems - Advancement autopilots steer so precisely they can save fuel as well as obtain you to your destination quicker.

Check out our range online for  Raymarine Autopilots specs and price.

Evo p70R ACU-200 Type 1 Hyd Drive
Evolution EV-100 Tiller Pilot EV-100
Evolution with p70 control head, ACU-200
Evolution EV-200 Linear with p70 control head, ACU-200
Evolution EV-200 Power with p70R control head & ACU-200
Evolution EV-200 Sail with p70 control head & ACU-200
Evolution EV-400 Power with p70R control head & ACU-400
Evolution EV-400 Sail with p70 control head & ACU-400
Evolution Wheel Pilot EV-100 Wheel
Evolution DBW with p70R control head
Evolution Pilot ACU-100,p70r control head & 0.5l hydraulic pump
S100 Wireless Controller
Raymarine - A Brand By FLIR


The Drive device is the component that interfaces with your vessel's steering system to maintain you on the best program. Raymarine has a wide range of drive systems to match virtually any kind of type of steering system - our Evolution Auto-pilots accommodate hydraulic, mechanical as well as power assisted strict drive systems.


Full your Advancement auto-pilot system with an auto-pilot control head. The new p70s as well as p70Rs feature vibrant colour display screens and are powered by Raymarine's intuitive LightHouse interface. LightHouse organises all choices right into simple food selection frameworks, so with Development's Automagic 3-step setup process you will be up and running in minutes.


Learn more regarding Adhere to On Tiller|Raymarine - A Brand By FLIR

Raymarine's Follow Up tiller autopilot controller brings completely practical power steering to remote and additional control stations anywhere onboard your watercraft, luxury yacht or industrial vessel with your Advancement Autopilot Drive unit.Raymarine has released what it is referring to as "one of the most substantial update" to its Development Autopilot system. The update, Release 4 (R4), provides the system with the capacity to measure wind angles and also speed much more properly, which will certainly result in a far better steering performance on both power and sail vessels. A more accurate wind analysis will certainly additionally dramatically improve the responsiveness of the system in dominating winds.

Component of the upgrade additionally includes improvements to the radar to allow it to provide a more exact reading of sea problems and vessel activity that will enable the boat to maintain an extra precise course when steering to a GPS waypoint.

The Advancement was initial released in 2013 bringing a new degree of precision to automobile pilot systems. At the heart of the system is an ultra-compact, EV sensor core; a 9-axis heading sensor and full feature course computer in one. Around the same size as a regular marine GPS, the EV sensor core can be either bracket-mounted or flush-mounted flat, and as it is totally water resistant which means it can be mounted over or below deck as area and practicality permits. The EV sensor core comes in 2 versions; EV-1 for Raymarine drive systems as well as EV-2 for drive-by-wire systems.

"Evolution R4 takes our best-in-class autopilot guiding performance to a new degree of accuracy and control that will certainly thrill and infuse confidence in every seafarer and sailor," he stated.

R4 also includes user interface improvements as well as enhanced automatic calibration for easier appointing and procedure while underway.

Advancement R4 is readily available as a totally free upgrade to all Raymarine Advancement auto-pilot proprietors. The upgrade can be downloaded and install from the Raymarine website.